My Work History Bio, and an Interesting array of Quips !

Areas and Fields of Development, and about the name “Sun-zeri”

Interesting, a bit of humor, and hopefully relatable with your life’s journey.

I started working near my 8th Birthday, . . .

- My very first job, I was put to work cleaning out hot metal shavings from an industrial lathe machine at eight years of age, (O’ yea, nice you say, sounds like the Ol’ dark-ages doesn’t it?)

- Worked as conveyer line product hanger, and later as an inspector at a large industrial metal painting department, (Whew, . .only 115 degrees in the summer time, and O’ man those paint fumes where strong.)
- Operated two small X-Mas tree lots at 16, my first experience as being self employed, ( and O’ yea, Pop's put up the investment capitol on this venture . ) My income vs. expenses, netted a positive $2,700. My goal was $2,000 for a down payment on a brand new Plymouth Roadrunner in white, my first new car!
- Worked as a night shift production manager, in “East LA” nights and weekends ( Yea, this is where my old school, hardcore work ethic comes from. I had charge over 25 factory workers, from 6:30pm to 5:30am. If anyone of you ever had the opportunity to work in a similar type of environment such as this, please let me know! This may be why you’re a success today! - On a personal note, one of the many benefits of working in East LA, was being very close to one of the best hamburgers restaurants in Los Angeles, called Mike’s, the Home of the “Original Hockey Burger” Restaurant on Washington Blvd, near Soto Street.

- Attended and Graduated From El Camino College,“ECC” go Warriors! in Torrance, California with
an AA degree in Business Administration.
- Attended University of Dominguez Hills, “CSUD” go Toros! , class studies in Psychology .
- Attended University of California at Los Angeles, “UCLA”, go Bruins!, class studies in Marketing.

-Worked as a Commodities Trader in Venice Beach, California. It was the Nations most prestigious and largest traders of precious metals. I was one of seven licenced senior traders with a team of over 15 junior agents. – On my first day, I was told the following,

“You will be contacting market investors throughout America, 99% of your contacts will be over the phone, it’s your job to explain the benefits of a leveraged bank program that they won’t understand, have them mail their check to a bank that they never heard of, and take the word of a trader that they will never see.”

After the orientation meeting and lunch, it was time to get started. That morning, I started with 35 or so new hires, after lunch only 20 showed back up to work. After 2 weeks, there was only 6 of us remaining. After 2 months, it was just me and one other person. This came as no surprise to me. It was explained to me that selling over the phone is the hardest sales job in the world, but if mastered, then all other sales job would be a piece of cake. How true, how true, . . This is where I learned the Art of telemarketing, before a name was even attached to it.
-Worked in the Car business for almost 14 years, sold 18 units in my first full month at a Toyota Dealership in Garden Grove, California. Throughout the years I worked in all positions relating to sales, -from Showroom Salesperson to Fleet; Internet to Used Car Manager; Sales Manager -and yes, to General Sales Manager. At most Dealerships the hosting of Sales Training normally fell on my shoulders, I can’t imagine why??? I guess it has something to do with my gift and/or my level of expertise in automotive sales training? - Here’s the punch-line. I normally always inherited all, if not most of dealerships castoffs, hard to work with types, or otherwise known to be not on the list as one the General Managers favorites. . . . I don’t pat myself on the back too often, or blow my own horn all that loud at times, but this needs to be said, time after time my teams would outsell, out up, and totally out perform the other sales teams, month after month after month . . .This is probably why I was recruited for my next gig as a automotive consultant sales trainer, a.k.a., Automotive Consultant Group Consultant. . .
-Worked for a Automotive Consultant Group. If you worked in the car business, say back in the late 80's, where the owner of the dealership that you worked at called everyone into his office, and then would threaten you and the other managers by saying, “One more week like this one and I’ll be forced to bring in outside help!” The outside help that was being referred to was a group of Automotive sales professionals like us. We were known as gun-slingers. We would normally fire em’ all, the whole staff, right there, right on the spot, -where just about everyone in the store got “blown out”, this included the sales managers, the F&I managers, and most, if not all, of the salespeople. It was our promise to the owners to take them out of the red and put them back into the black in 35 days or less. I was personally in charge of training the salespeople. (Whew! . talk about getting things done in a hurry, working with this group, I learned how to get the sales staff motivated and got them moving in the right direction, sometimes overnight! )
- Worked in the Mortgage Business, A good friend of mine formed his own mortgage company in the City of Orange. I built-up a large Telemarketing Department with over 25 Telemarketers that kept 6 loan agents very busy working their leads. . . We built up a huge prospect base in a very short period of only 4 years. At the company’s peak, there were well over 45 full time loan agents employed there. My department would generate approximately $230,000 in sales on a per monthly basis. . .Not bad eh’.

- Started my own company, Sun-zeri Business Development Inc. While still working in the mortgage business, I started Sun-zeri Business Development. At first, we would prospect for new clients at all sorts of different venues. The first venue was at swap meets throughout the southern California area. The display booths were set up to look like a Mobile Mortgage House, - they were in fact, first rate in appearance, with televised info commercials, colorful display areas with comfortable and private seating clusters for prospective clients. On this same theme, I soon branched out to Home and Garden Events, Home Improvement Shows at Convention Centers and at Home Improvement Centers, I was busy! And soon the word got out, before too long, I was being invited to mentor and train others in the mortgage industry on how to successfully perform these prospect outreach programs. This step lead to another where now Retail Stores and outlets, both large and small would enlist my services to train there staff and then their managers in all facets of salepersonship. And that leads us here to today. . .

- PS, about the name Sun-zeri,-do you know your family tree???
You might ask yourself this question, what does Sun-zeri mean??
The first word Sun, comes from my wife Sherry, who is and will always be The Sunshine of my Life. !!! And the word zeri, comes from my Italian heritage, where the family’s name has changed constantly over the past generations.
Way back when, in the Italian province of Calabria in southern Italy it was first said to be Spitzenzzerri, (after the Germanic Invasion, yeah we go back that far in history. . .), then Spitzzerri, then onto Spitzeri, to Spitzer, (my legal name ) and now back again to Spitzzeri used by son Michael, and now, my grandson Cristian. The name may change again, we’ll just have to wait and see. . .

Jim with his wife Sherry and new grandson Cristian.