Event Promotions, Coast to Coast Service!

Sun-zeri Does it All!
Business Development via Product and Service Promotions have been a mainstay of provided services with us at Sun-zeri for years now. . .
Sun-zeri does it all, from the training of your staff in product presentation to acting as consultants in putting your best foot forward with product or service marketing and research.

A Manhattan Ad Agency?
Event promotions for less should be our slogan's name. Allow me to make this very clear to all.
Sun-zeri Event Promotions is not in competition with major downtown Manhattan ad agencies, quite the opposite. I personally like to think of this service as more of a grass roots (low budget) resource information and lead gathering type of service. These Outreach Services have the ability to generate business on a grand scale, but it’s not done with movie cameras or stuntmen, –just good old fashion face to face contact, at which we are experts at doing it well.

It’s All About Personal Contact.
Face to face contact with new prospects, exploring the open market for new avenues of growth is now, as it was 70 years ago, one of the best ways to determine the saleability of a product or a service. With Sun-zeri, it’s either we’ll show you how to do it, or we’ll do it for you, either way, you win!. . .

Successful Prospecting for Generating leads!
Sun-zeri will also show you how to successfully acquire leads for your sales or service representatives, we do it all! With Sun-zeri , From start to finish, the training of your staff is complete and detailed per your business.

Just For the Southern California Market.
We have on hand all of the essential equipment needed to host your company’s presentation of product or service in style from convention centers to open air marketplaces. Aside from the normal tables, chairs, fine table cloths, banner stands, show tents, lighting, and so on. . . .We also feature a crowd favorite, the ever famous “Wheel of Prizes” and a hourly “Raffle Barrel Drawing” to bring prospects in to your booth or display.

*On a personal note, I know what you might be thinking now, that the wheel and raffle may sound kinda corny in drawing people towards your display, or you may be saying, I think that’s a pretty cheesy way to draw prospects in to review my professionally upper scale product line or professional service.
Awwwwwww Grasshopper!, – first let me tell you this.
These two crowd drawing gimmicks alone are the best of the rest. Why, because they work. Think about Human interaction for a moment. In order to get, at first you must give, –When it is properly explained to the public as to what your exact intentions are and why their participation and input is important to your company’s success, -they will, then, put in the effort of answering your product or service test questions,. . . and, . . .and, . . . . . needless to say, – it just all seems to fall into place. This way, you get what you want, and the public gets what they love, a free gadget, gizmo, whajucallit, award, price or gift. It’s all good when everyone is happy, and you win!

I Understand Product Confidently and Intellectual Property Rights
And yes, if your product is still on the drawing board, a figment of your imagination, or the next best thing to happen since sliced bread, just let me know. I’ll cheerfully sign your disclosure to protect your rights, and / or a provision not to compete, product confidentiality statement or intellectual property disclosure, or. . . . .
–whatever is necessary to make you feel comfortable in discussing business before we engage
into it.

Get All the Details!
Please call or email me with a description of your product or service. We’re ready to get started now!

Coast to Coast Hosting Sites for On-Target Interaction Seminars.
We are available for Private Training, Seminars, and Workshops in your area.
From your office to your local Inn, please phone or email for details of Development Services.