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And the Saga of the Little Red Car, and the L.V. Purse

The most important investment for your Store’s Success. . .
Perhaps the most important investment that retailers should be considering is a few lessons in customer service. Where O’ Where has all of the customer service gone? If your business relies on clerks, store representatives or commissioned sales people to make your business successful, take heed. When was the last time your staff had training in the art of interpersonal interaction with customers? Do your managers understand the basic concepts of consumer behavior so they can help train your store’s staff? Do you as the owner, manager or district sales manager have a staff training program in place to help better serve your customer’s basic needs?

The Overwhelming Truth;
The overwhelming truth is that 6 out of 10 retailers lose business to their competitors because of the way their prospective customers are treated. It is also a fact that retailers who enlist the services of a professional skill and development trainer, -even on a less than part-time basis show a positive 3% increase in greater sales or service based earned revenues. Are your aware that when a system is set up in the training of new groups of sales or service associates, the average retail store’s earned income skyrockets to well over 9% of increased profits in just after the first 25 days! Things that matter most to customers are the way that they are treated by your staff. It’s your money! – Consider this, . . . .your investment in building a state of the art facility, or increasing your advertising budget, almost always proves to be of little overall benefit because your customers who feel unsatisfied, for any reason, – will shop and purchase elsewhere. . . and that’s the bottom line!

The #1 Secret to Success in Retail Sales or Provided Services. . .
It’s in the sales and interaction skill development training that creates new levels of confidence that now gives your staff a greater working knowledge of how to address and relate to your customers properly! How your people treat your customers is the number #1 reason why they will buy from you now, in the future, and why they will refer their friends and family to see you first!

Are your Sales or Services Provided Slumping? Are you losing ground in market shares to your Competitors? Is it the Economy or is it your store?

Listed below are a few of the reasons why your retail store is either showing signs of; Slow Retail Sales Growth, Customer Retention or Loyalty Downturns, Higher than Normal Customer Complaints, Lower Than Normal Earned Revenue on Sale’s Events, or Lower than Normal Impulse Purchases – Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. True, it can be the current economic forecasts that drives sales, if so, then it’s all the more reason to focus on what you have at hand. – try turning the tables around for a moment, where you’re now the consumer in your own store!

You’re the Consumer Now!
sun-zeriAs a consumer, have you ever experienced any of these circumstances where you’ve decided to either take your business elsewhere or to cancel an order???. . . .These scenarios apply to all retail sales and service outlets from shoe stores to tech equipment, from your local bank to clothing stores, car dealerships and all other places where consumers shop.

sun-zeriTop Ten Reasons Why Consumers Shop Elsewhere, Never Return for a Second Shopping Visit
or Cancel their Orders. . .

-I was not acknowledged as a customer after waiting for a period of time to be greeted
or assisted. No supervisor or manager could be found. . .
- After the order was placed, my follow-up questions were not answered correctly or
with courtesy. Every time I asked for updates or a work in progress proof, all I got was
finger pointing to contact other departments. . .
– Between the “I don’t know” answers from my sales representative and their customer
service department I cancelled my order and took my business elsewhere . . .
– In responding to their ad, after spending 10+minutes fighting their phone system, I
finally got to speak to a real live person, who had no idea of who to transfer me to, and
insisted that I just leave a voice message in their general mail box, which days later
still has not been returned. . .
– The order that I placed with “Joe” was not ready as promised, and now he’s nowhere
to be found, and nobody else can locate my order in their store’s computer. . .
-I was unable to locate a store representative, or once a representative was located,
they made me feel put off for asking purchasing questions, or when I asked for
directions, I was told to go to aisle Seven. . . which carries over 100 other similar
products as well. . .
-The checkout clerk that I have been waiting in line for the past ten minutes, doesn’t
even look at me and decides to go on break, and just leaves me hanging there
in line with no other available checkout station anywhere in the area. . .
-After taking the time to explain my purchasing goals, I’m now told that their shift is
over, or it’s their lunch break now, and that “Joe” will help me, – as my sales
representative points to a another salesperson seemingly lost in a far off corner of the
store who already has a customer . . .
-When the sales person that I’m in conversation with just starts to slowly drift away to
other customers as I’m still asking purchasing questions. . .
-I’ve finally arrive at the checkout counter, where the store’s sales representative
rings up my purchase, and nowhere is herd the one thing that normally gives me the
warm and fuzzy’s to go there and shop again . . .
. . . Thank-you very much for your Business!!!

It’s the Little things that Make up the Big Reasons as to why Sales get sluggish!

On-Target Staff Evaluation and Mentoring
sun-zeriThis service is geared for self improvement via specialize training to establish and then to reinforce an awareness of your customer’s mind-sets.

This On-Target Evaluation of your staff will provide you with the solutions needed to get your store back on track. We’ll set up a development plan that offers specific solutions in training services along with individual staff mentoring and targeted performance recommendations for keeping your staff motivated and ready to preform.

sun-zeriOn-Target Customer Care and Work Order Process Flow Solutions, as Easy as 1) - 2) - 3)

1) Sales Training and Skill Development with your Staff is the First Step.
2) Knowing How to Proceed after the Sale or Service-order in Facilitating the Needs of
sun-zeriyour Customers is the Second.
3) Having a Flexible yet Reliable System of Tracking the Progress of New Prospect Work
sun-zeriOrders to Fulfilling the Demands of your Present Clientele Base is the Third Step.

At first contact with your prospects in the retail world normally means you only get one chance to make a great impression. A weak, poorly monitored or non existent customer care system will not only cost you money in lost customers, (primary due to their frustrations of not being attended to properly) – but will also cost you something that may have taken you years to build, - your company's good name. A name that stood for service, and great customer assurance .

From the way your staff handles incoming phone inquires, walk-ins to emails from new prospects or from your established clientele bases makes more difference now than ever before. Utilizing a customer care system that monitors the progress of each and every customer’s service or sales order from start to finish is not only a prerequisite to continued business growth but is also recognized as a priority in maintaining your company’s level of success and in keeping your business that one extra step ahead of your competition!
sun-zeriWith Sun-zeri Insuring High Levels of Customer Satisfaction at your Company is Job #1
– Development Systems for the managing and tracking of all sales orders from inception to completion.
– Creating solutions to correct current work flow systems that are either ineffective or outdated.
– Specialized project flow system development to connect all departments in joint communication with
sun-zeriwork-in-progress updates and awareness memos thereby ensuring time promised completion dates.
– Specialized customer service department training in problem solving techniques and customer awareness.
– Creating higher levels of accountability from the staff member to your staff or project supervisor.
– Creating software solutions to more easily maintain all new service or sales orders from changes to add-ons sun-zeriand from modifications to project completion.

Specialize Reinforcement and Development Courses Combinations for Retail Sales
– Interpreting the customers body language, with emphasis on the proper meet and greet.
– Closing techniques during the product or service presentation.
– Phone skills, with an emphasis on creating visual pictures of your rendered services or products.
– Awareness techniques in outlining your client’s various goals and intentions.
– Relationship building techniques by understanding your client’s thought processes and mindset.
– Presentation techniques of your service with Client’s or Patient’s.
– On-Target objection training, providing direct solutions to areas of interaction with your customers.
– Techniques on improving the flow of the conversation to emphasize your service or product.
– A Study in your Client’s Perceived expectations of services, overall perceptions of benefits, generalized
sun-zeriopinions and outlined consumer preconceived notions of services per your field of expertise.

The Saga of the Little Red Car, and the L.V. Purse;
It must be noted that poor service is not limited only to stores that carry midrange or lower end merchandise or where inexpensive services are rendered. O’ no, it also happens in the high end markets as well! Case in point, I attempted to purchase a new Porsche for my wife Sherry at a local Porsche Dealership near to where we live. Not only where we not attended to in a timely manner, but the sales person who finally started to approach us made this comment from across the showroom floor to me, “with your large frame, there’s no way that you would ever fit into a Porsche. As he walked past us he said that if I wanted to look at one of their used SUV’s, to let him know . . . Hummmm I said to myself, large frame eh, . .at this point my Italian temper started to get the better of me. . . My wife Sherry quietly said, let’ go somewhere else, and we did. Before Sherry and I moved to South Orange County, we lived in Naples Island of Long Beach. I recalled a small, kinda older Porsche Dealership not to far away. . . . The sales person was great, the facility was old, we got personal attention throughout the sale, the tile on the showroom floor was missing in spots, Both the General Sales Manager and my Sales Rep’ called us after the sale, three months after the sale, and on my wife’s cars birthday for the pass two years, I understand that they just got new floors in the showroom, no matter , – we’re going
back to that dealership on our 30th wedding adversary to get Sherry another new little red car. . .

Case in point, the L.V. purse. Most guys have no idea what a L.V. purse is. Most Ladies know exactly what L.V. stands for without even saying the word purse. . . . L.V. is Louis Vuitton. This particular handbag cost as much as a set of high-end drivers, with a full set of woods, and enough money left over to buy everyone in the clubhouse a couple of rounds, dinner, golf lessons, and then some. . . .It was the day before X-mas, which means that it was time for me to maybe start shopping for my wife’s present. . . .Being married for more than a few days, (about 20 years then and counting) I have learned to become quite the expert in the members of the opposite sex. At this point I was sure that I could finally read her mind! . . . (Sherry made out a gift list and put it where I couldn’t miss seeing it, she taped it to the frig’). . .Sherry was excited about getting (her third) L.V purse, – we drove to the largest retailer of L.V purse in Southern California. When we walked up to the saleslady Sherry said Hi!, the saleslady responded by saying, “My feet hurt”, as she started to take off her shoes and place them on the counter. Sherry and I just kinda looked at each other. Sherry asked her a question about the LV purse that she had in mind. Our gracious, high-end, and were all of the rich and goofy shop at, saleslady responded without ever looking at us, O’ those bags are only shown if your planning on buying
right now, I can’t take it out of box to even show you. Are you buying yes or NO? . . it was the night before X- mas, I bought the bag. – Two funny stories right? . . . . . But I wonder how many more Porsche are purchased in older dealerships, and how many others would have purchased their L.V. purses and accessories in Denver as opposed to the most prestigious malls in Southern California, if they had the choice?

An Elaborate Little Brain Teaser just for you, Action or Indecision?
For every negative interpersonal perceived reaction, either imposed, impressed or thought of as being factual, based on any number of mindset variations and social characteristics of the buyer . . . . when joined with the anti-knowledgeable, anti-confident or otherwise unprepared representatives of offered goods or services, – all that remains are preconceived notions of how to properly interact with the buyer, where in fact when translated takes on the form of indifference of how the seller interacts with the buyer thus creating an arena of confusion, resentment and indecision as opposed to positive action.

The answer is simple. . . .”There is always a corrective positive training solution that can be explained, taught, and then translated into the sales of provided goods and services.”

– Jim Spitzer

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