Our Mission Statement

Simply to Provide the Best Possible: Sales Training, Skill Development Training, Interaction Training and Motivation for Benefit Methods in Today’s Market places and Industries.

At Sun-zeri Business Development, we offer specialized On-Target and specific Training Solutions that can be applied to any industry where “People Skills” are the determining factor in the success of your business .

Why do professional football players to golfers practice more than they play at their sport?
This question was answered by a legendary NFL football Coach who once said:

“We fail because of poor preparation or lack in training correctly to win. . . Irregardless of experience or seasoning, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses with various levels of ability. – Creating higher standards, by directly making improvements on those areas is my job. As coach and mentor, -it’s up to me to bring those levels that are now substandard to greatness and those levels that are great to levels of Excellence.”


Businesses and Sport Teams are alike in many ways, they both fail or loose prospects to their competition either due to their team’s lack of training and preparation, or in believing that the training that they are providing works, -when all the while they're losing market shares of prospective business to their competitors.
At Sun-zeri, our goal is to elevate the performance of Sales and Service Providers with Practical
Solutions . Whether it’s being a mentor with executives or in the coaching of private business owners or those at the corporate level, it’s all about increasing the productivity of businesses like yours.
After years of attending hundreds of Sales Training Seminars and Product Knowledge Classes, I have often felt that there was something missing and to a point, demeaning in the presentations to the seasoned staffers. Most of these classes were great in the reinforcement of basic Salespersonship...
but did little for those Seasoned Sales or Service providers.
I found that the emphasis with the vast majority of Sales Trainers and Development Groups was to give only a blanketed type of presentation geared primarily for Sales or Service new-comers, offering at best an introductionary form of training scenarios where one size fits all.
At Sun-zeri, we target and address the specific needs of all Sales and Service providers, big and small. This means that all provided training is especially geared to that Company, or Firm, or Team, or Staff, right down to that person’s current level of experience and seasoning.


We’re eagerly looking forward to greeting you as you enter into our site’s selection of listed services, and don’t forget to explore the Sales Training Seminars section for upcoming Outreach Events !