Outreach Training Courses for Business Professionals

On-Target Skill Courses are Designed for all Business Executives. . . .
. . . and all State and Federally Licensed Service Professionals

Do attorneys sell a service, engineers sell an idea, or chiropractors sell a treatment for healing? The answer is yes, as we all do everyday in our professional lives. Those of you who have spent hours upon hours in the classroom, working nights and weekends while preparing a thesis, graduating with honors or near the top of your class, missing countless social events or having made extreme sacrifices in order to receive your licenses and degrees, have realized that there is one constant truth that stands above everything else . . . .
— It's in your Preparation of learning the outlined course materials, their theories, with a gained practical understanding of Skill Development Techniques per your field of expertise, that were ultimately the Keys to Success in your collegiate journey.

What is the difference between the level of your success and that of your peers? It’s not the level of education, since it’s the same as your peers, otherwise they wouldn’t be your peers right? Could it be their appearance or social standing? Nope, just look around your office. Is your boss the best looking person there, or is the best producer at your office of royal blue blood ? Nope, that’s not it. . .

. . . It’s Who Has the Best PEOPLE SKILLS WINS!

It’s those of you who distinguish themselves as examples for others to look up to and follow, it’s also those of you who exhibit leadership qualities.
Example, day after day, you hear about people who have been either demoted, replaced or reassigned to other departments or to other parts of the country right? ------ Sometimes it’s true to say that politics could have been a factor in the decision making process, but most of the time it’s not, it’s normally their level of interpersonal skills, or the way that they interact with their clients. Yep ! that’s it!!!
And O’ yeah, just for fun, -one more thing: Does having street smarts also mean that you have people smarts? ( we’re not talking about old gangland Chicago here. . .) – Or does having years of experience in your field also make you a people expert as well? ( Aaaaaaaaa, no, if this were true, then you would be seeing about 90% of all those who graduated in your class, in business for themselves, working 2 or 3 days a week, at 4 to 6 hours per day . . .ok, ok enough with the analogies, thank-you for indulging me, let’s get to it. . .

On-Target Mentoring
This On-Target Mentoring Service is primarily geared to those who seek self improvement via specialized training to establish and to reinforce their awareness of customer mindsets and to those seeking to increase their interaction development skills with clients and patients.

Specialized Reinforcement and Development Courses Combinations for Business Professionals
– Interpreting your client's body language, in conversation and during service presentation.
– Phone skills, with an emphasis on creating visual pictures of your rendered services.
– Awareness techniques in outlining your client's various goals and intentions.
– Relationship building techniques by understanding your client's thought processes and mindset.
– Presentation techniques of your service with Clients or Patients.
– On-Target Skill training providing direct solutions to areas of interaction with clients.
– Techniques on improving the flow of the conversation to emphasize your service.
– A Study in your Client's Perceived expectations of services, overall perceptions of benefits,
generalized opinions and outlined consumer preconceived notions of services per your field
of expertise.
And More. . .

On-Target Private Consultation and Evaluation
– This is were I will personally critique your overall strengths and provide solutions to areas of
development to improve your levels of interpersonal skills.

On-Target Leadership Training Course Combinations
– Detailed, On-Target methods of leading with success, a course study in setting
measurable, attainable, realistic, specific and timely standards for success.
– Determining your team's strengths, setting attainable goals, obtaining success.
– Staff meetings, where less time spent in meetings equals more productivity.
– Powerful and effective daily action plans to last a lifetime.
– Effective and specific motivational techniques.
– How to energize those sleepy production teams.
– How to set standards, not problems.
– How to gain a benefit when presenting “bad news” to your staff.
– How to interpret feedback from your staff, a study in understanding positive and
negative feedback scenarios, how to respond properly, and how to pick up the pieces
after disaster strikes your office, or your industry.
– How to properly interview new employees, or promoting from within for key positions.
– Learn how not to create voids in productivity while maintaining higher levels of office moral
when dismissing or demoting staff workers .
– Who’s in charge? How to properly delegate responsibility, not authority.
And More. . .

Simple Solutions to Broadening your Consumer base via Personalized Market Advertising.
* (My friends in Real Estate, the Car Business, Small Business Owners and Mobile Care
Providers really love these On-Target training courses!!!)
– Generating new clientele bases, personalized client follow-up techniques .
– Simple advertising solutions, personalized for all service providers.
– Simple techniques on how to get your name out their and keeping it on there lips. . .
And More. . .

On Target Telemarketing Management and Team Training Combinations
– Complete instructions on how to start-up TM Departments for any product or service.
– Complete step by step team development training and Management training programs.
– Motivational techniques that TM’s will love to work for. . .
– Interviewing for the right TM, insights on what skills to look for when interviewing.
– Exclusive On-Target training where canned or written scripts become a thing of the past.
– Ergonomically designed phone center department layouts, individualized, yet open work stations
that create harmony, line of sight for supervisory assistance and monitoring for managers.
- How to maximize the “buzz” with smaller TM departments.
– Objection handling , and generating more leads skill development.
– Complete status, progress, production, attitude and development tracking systems.
– Complete follow-up systems for future prospects.
– How to train those who are working the TM leads or files . . .
* For specific details on how telemarketing departments and Outreach Events can become a
huge benefit to your bottom line, please contact us.

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